How Do You Know If You Are in a Software Hostage Situation


  • Regular failure to provide accurate and detailed updates on a project or task
  • Failure to keep up with tasks, resulting in a growing backlog of work that never seems to get done
  • Lack of transparency on what work is actually being done on the project
  • Refusal to fix existing bugs in your system; and refusal to accept outside help


  • Small technical tasks take too long for the developer to complete
  • Long delays in development (often with subsequent higher bills) with little or no explanation
  • Refusal to update to more modern technologies, even though it is obvious that the new technologies are optimal
  • Your system is glitchy, and no amount of work ever seems to fix it correctly
  • Resistance to your ideas for the project, and insistence on implementing features that are not important to you or your business


  • Your technical staff is not allowed to see the code or participate in development in any way
  • The developer owns the code and refuses to release it to you for review
  • An unexpected increase in cost on a project without accounting for expenses or hours
  • Consistent denial of accessing your own development environment for use without real reason or explanation
  • Demanding more money to work on a new feature, but refusing to provide what has already been completed and paid for (essentially blackmail)



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